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Current Projects

USDA Training and Technical Assistance Grant
We were awarded a Community Facilities Technical Assistance and Training grant, which will target communities in southeast Nebraska to identify and plan for community facility needs. Work on this three-year project will begin in late October. The total grant amount is $99,950. We will be working with NGAGE, the county economic development corporation in Beatrice, just south of Lincoln.

Measuring the Impact of Youth Leadership Development
Milan continues work on this RFI-funded project with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications. Lindsay Hastings is a Co-PI. The project examines youth leadership development for its predictive value in influencing community outcomes.

Prosperity Communities Initiative
Milan and Kurt are part of this RFI-funded project to build the capacity of a cohort of rural communities in Nebraska to effectively create the conditions that enable a more prosperous future. The project focuses on people attraction, economic development and place-making. Lindsay is also a team member.

Salt Creek North Watershed Master Plan
Work continues on an update to the Salt Creek North Watershed Master Plan in Lincoln. We have facilitated two open houses and published two newsletters. One more newsletter and open house are planned. The St. Louis engineering firm Intuition & Logic is the prime contractor for this project.

University of Nebraska-Extension Facilitation
We are working with University of Nebraska Lincoln-Extension to develop a learning academy for Extension’s Community Vitality (CVI) Team. The initial focus will be on learning how to facilitate community engagement and related skills. Five “learning community” webinars are planned. Milan and Kurt facilitated the first webinar in September and Mary was a co-facilitator on the second webinar.