Need to set an inspiring tone for a conference, offer an interactive panel discussion, or provide a short training session? The Heartland Center has numerous thought-provoking presentations that we tailor to fit your specific audience and setting. Our staff and associates have on-the-road experience, lessons and laughter to share from decades of work in hundreds of communities throughout North America.

Some topics include:

  • Five Strategies for Active Economic Development
    Encouraging economic development in small towns takes hard work, commitment and creativity. Explore five successful development strategies including methods and ideas used by small towns working to strengthen and expand their economic development activities.
  • Six Myths about the Future of Small Towns
    Misconceptions about small town vitality are often counter-productive and reinforce inaction. By exposing six commonly held "myths" about rural community survival, we encourage small town leaders to begin to build a strong future based on the positive aspects of their communities.
  • Seven Secrets to Coping with Change in Small Towns
    Years of research in working with small communities reveals that there are a handful of attitudes and actions people should nurture as changing times challenge rural America. This presentation offers an important perspective of hope for struggling communities seeking a positive approach to future survival.
  • Eight Challenges Facing Community Leaders
    Today's community leaders face a set of challenges that, in many ways, is quite different from the challenges that were common to previous generations. We offer a practical discussion of these challenges, with advice on what leaders can do to respond to them.
  • Ten Ideas for Recruiting New Leaders
    Combining leadership and motivational theory with experience in community development, this presentation outlines practices that we all can use to recruit and maintain the leadership and motivated membership necessary for community success.
  • Strengthening the Rural-Urban Connection
    This is an excellent panel discussion opportunity for regional meetings, conferences and seminars. The Heartland Center can set a topic agenda and moderate a panel of your choice, or we can help to recruit participation. The goals of this discussion are generally to enhance communication, encourage cross-learning and foster coalitions among rural and urban community development practitioners.

Some who have included Heartland Center presentations in their programs are:

  • National Council on Foundations
  • Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
  • Kansas Bankers Association
  • Leadership East Kentucky
  • Ford Family Foundation
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • Agriculture for the Future
  • Rural Futures Development, Inc.
  • Alliance of Champion Communities
  • North Central Regional Rural Development Center
  • Kansas PRIDE
  • Tennessee Rural Development Conference
  • Michigan Small Town and Rural Conference
  • #140 Character Conference:  Small Town
  • Leadership Custer County
  • Community Development Society